Welcome to the PSG - SSTRP WikiEdit

This is a wiki that was designed to serve as a database for characters, organizations, and other such things that originate from PSG's SSTRP server. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Starship Troopers wikia, and is in many ways attempting to emulate the wiki, except for fanon. Here, you will find pages about certain characters, organization, places and events.

The main purpose of this project is to, not only provide encyclopedic-like content about story lines and characters and information. but to aid serious faction leaders and members in interweaving aspects of their faction together for one specific purpose... To create a unified believable in which their characters and factions inhabit.

This would best be done by using the discussion pages and the use of interlinks that connect factions and characters together. In the end what would be produced is not just several separate interesting stories and characters but a living breathing world, brought to life by these articles.

Also, it goes without saying that all information contained herein is OOC and any use of it is construed as metagaming. This is partly the reason it has been kept so secretive, reserved for mature roleplayers and factions who value good story lines and proper roleplay over the desire to win.

United Citizen FederationEdit